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An open source ad-blocker without the ad-blocker
for computers and smart devices alike.


ResolvR is my spyware, adware and advert free DNS resolver service – Adblockers in web browsers work well enough, but web designers are catching on more and more on people who run adblockers and prevent the sites from being visited if an adblocker is installed.

However, with the use of my DNS service, Javascript files are replaced with blank files, and images are replaced with single pixel images – for all the monitoring code knows, the adverts are there!


Other free DNS services monitor the requests that are made from your IP address and sell that information on as marketing intelligence. I, on the other hand, hate this kind of practice, so I do not, and will not record any DNS queries that are made through the resolvers to any IP address.

The only statistics that are collected are only available for the user in realtime and can be found directly from the resolvers themselves with a currently very ugly web UI found at

No requests are logged anywhere (The links above clear out after a few seconds) and only the data shown is isolated to the individual IP address. It is a great way for seeing how often devices ping out.

Current State

This service is in early beta, there are a few caveats to using the service, but is available for people to test if they are interested by setting your DNS addresses to and

Any bug reports or suggestions, please report them on the GitHub Project page

The service is currently running from my personal servers, however (funds permitting) the service will be moved onto some dedicated kit..